An accident took place on a Monday afternoon when one of the drivers who was involved lost control of his vehicle. New York authorities are still continuing an investigation into an auto accident that left two people injured and a teenage motorist dead. Two of the people involved happened to be students at the same school.

According to traffic officials, a teenage college student was traveling in the northbound direction on a well-known dangerous road prior to the impact. As the teen was driving, he somehow lost control of his vehicle and collided with two other vehicles in the oncoming lanes. After the impact, he smashed into a wall. Both of the other motorists were injured in the accident and were transported to medical facilities.

The teenage driver succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene. As part of the continuing investigation, officials are performing an accident reconstruction for more details into how the teen lost control of his vehicle. So far, authorities believe that speed was a contributing cause. This road in particular has been a place for many accidents, including one that occurred a few months ago that involved someone’s car ending up in a ditch.

The motorist who is believed to be the responsible driver in this auto accident is deceased. Two other individuals are recovering from injuries that they suffered in this tragedy. Under New York laws, victims who have suffered injuries have the option of seeking recovery against the estate of the deceased driver. The court typically takes each piece of evidence into consideration before rendering a decision on negligence.

Source:, CCC student killed in crash on Spencer Hill Road, No author, Nov. 19, 2013