Blog readers may remember a man who was in the headlines after being discharged from the army. Back in 2007, he reportedly violated the infamous don’t ask

Back in 2006, the man informed his supervisor that he was indeed homosexual. Shortly afterward, he was shipped off to Iraq in combat. Before he was discharged from the military, he explained at a news conference that he felt he had to live his life true to who he was. Regardless of how anyone feels about the don’t ask

According to authorities, the accident occurred on Thursday along the interstate. He allegedly sideswiped another vehicle. He immediately got out of the car to render assistance and attempted to push the vehicle from behind. While pushing, he was struck by an SUV and became trapped in between both vehicles. When emergency responders arrived, the man was declared dead at the scene.

An auto accident can happen within spit seconds in New York. When it does happen, it can be traumatizing for victims and their families. Emotions typically escalate when a loved one has been killed as a result. The family of the deceased victim may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the SUV who crashed into the man. If evidence proves that the driver was negligent and their actions caused or contributed to the death, monetary damages may be awarded to the family.

Source:, Advocate for gays in US military killed in New York state car crash, No author, Sept. 1, 2013