Most New Yorkers who are admitted to a hospital assume that they will get better thanks to the treatment they will receive. However, for a large number of patients, a stay in the hospital results in worsening or additional medical problems. Things like surgical errors and being given the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage of the right medication can have a negative impact on someone’s health.

Data shows that medical mistakes made in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the country, trailing only heart disease and cancer. Along with surgical and medication issues, people may also be harmed due to a fall or develop an infection while in the hospital. Individuals may also end up having to return to a hospital if they are discharged too early or if they were not given complete instructions for their care when they were discharged.

While going to a hospital may be an important part of someone’s recovery, individuals should be aware of the potential problems they may face. It is a good idea to keep track of what medications are being taken and ask why new ones are being prescribed. Additionally, when leaving a hospital, patients should have a complete understanding of what they need to do to care for themselves.

Hospital negligence can cause a variety of harm to patients, including a worsened medical condition and a need for further expensive care and treatment. In many cases, a medical malpractice attorney can be of assistance in negotiating a settlement with the health care facility’s insurance company after filing a lawsuit seeking compensation on behalf of an affected patient.