Facing any criminal charge can adversely affect anyone’s life – even before a court appearance. When drug charges are involved, the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty might not protect his or her job. This seems to be particularly true for employees of school districts in New York where a 38-year-old transition coordinator was recently ordered to take paid leave after he was arrested for possession of cocaine.

A police report indicates that the man, whose job it is to help students through their high school to college transitions, was arrested after officers found him unconscious in his car. They say a call came in to report that two teens allegedly saw him passed out in the vehicle with the engine running. They claimed the man was behind the wheel with his seat belt fastened, but he was slumped to the side.

Officers allege they found cocaine in the man’s possession, and although he admitted later to have taken cocaine, he thought he had used it all prior to the arrival of police. He also said he was aware of his addiction problem, which he was addressing. The man now faces a misdemeanor drug possession charge, and he is awaiting his next court hearing.

Anyone who faces drug charges in New York will do well to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney – even if the charge is only a misdemeanor. The impact on a person’s personal life and career can be devastating, regardless of the severity of the charges. A lawyer can attempt to get charges dismissed and might be able to arrange drug rehabilitation.