Ordinarily when people hear or read about an incident of medical malpractice it is in the setting of a doctor’s office or a hospital. Which is understandable, given that many kinds of medical mistakes that can happen at these locations, like a misdiagnosis or a surgical error. Based on this perception, if you have visited a hospital for a medical procedure and have returned home without experiencing any problems you may think that you are out of the medical malpractice danger zone. But that belief may be premature.

The system of healthcare in New York actually extends to other locations beyond where you would encounter doctors and surgeons. It also encompasses some locations that are not dedicated solely to medical treatment, such as pharmacy departments at retail stores. Medical malpractice can occur when anyone connected to providing health care services – even indirectly – commits an act of negligence.

For the purposes of this post, when we contemplate the indirect provision of health care we are referring to medication errors. These types of mistakes can happen as a result of several reasons, and need not be the result of a mistake by a doctor or a nurse. Every year many people suffer from illnesses and worsened medical conditions as the result of mistakes made in prescribing their medications, or errors filling out their prescriptions.

The thing to remember is that medical malpractice can take many different forms, and can occur in a multitude of settings. At Braunfotel & Frendel, we know how and where to look for a wide variety of sources of medical errors that can maximize the likelihood that all possible defendants in your medical malpractice claim are uncovered. In this way, your opportunities to secure the financial compensation you need are similarly maximized.

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