Two former employees of one New York jail have stepped forward with allegations of medical negligence on the part of prison health care officials. The two claim that the physician-owned company that is charged with providing inmates with routine dental, mental health and medical services routinely cut costs and neglect the needs of prisoners, leading to untimely deaths.

The family of one inmate has filed a claim against the company after their loved one was found facedown in his prison cell. It was later confirmed at the local hospital that the man had died of a heart attack. One employee states that the man died due to the failure of medical staff at the prison – they allegedly did not order the right tests.

This is not the first suit that has been filed against this same company, who is tasked with meeting the health care needs of thousands of inmates in multiple states. The medical company put out a statement which declared that they never consider costs when caring for inmates and that they have never been found guilty of medical malpractice by a jury of their peers.

The family of the deceased man also has plans to sue the jail for the improper management of medical services. Other families have come forward with stories that medical malpractice in the prison led to the death of their loved one. For anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice, speaking to an experienced attorney might be very beneficial.

Source:4 New York, I-Team Exclusive: Nassau Jail Insiders Blame Death on Medical Negligence”