Workers’ compensation is an important safety net for employees. If they are injured while performing their job or at their workplace, they are fairly compensated. Unfortunately, not all employers take their responsibility to provide this benefit seriously.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office found that two New York men cheated their employees out of proper protection by falsifying information. This saved them millions of dollars in insurance premiums. Tragically, the work they sent their employees to do hurt more than twelve people and even killed one. The pair then delayed the process to get compensation for the injured.

This case illustrates the fact that even though most employers must have workers’ compensation insurance, not all have acquired proper coverage. Workers must be vigilant and defend their rights.

What are your rights?

For those employed in New York, you have certain rights afforded to you by the state. Employers are legally required to post the details of their workers’ compensation for employees to view. This form includes a number at which to reach the insurance company. If you don’t see this information in your workplace, it may be a sign that your company is not following New York workers’ comp regulations.

Injuries sustained at work must be reported to the Workers’ Compensation Board within ten days. Your employer must also let you choose where you go for treatment-in most cases, they cannot decide where you get care.

It’s essential to stay informed about your rights as a worker and the benefits afforded to you. Doing so can help prevent being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers like the ones above.