When a series of crimes allegedly takes place in New York, the media can be quick to sensationalize the entire incident, nicknaming the alleged perpetrators and, in some cases, over-exaggerating the severity of the offenses. That is why one should keep in mind that not everything on television is what it appears to be.

A man coined the Gatsby Bandit” has been charged in relation to a series of bank robberies in Queens. The New York Police Department along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation apprehended the man following a call from a woman who claims to have recognized the man after seeing footage of him on the news. The man – who earned his nickname because of the Gatsby hat he allegedly wore when he committed the crimes – is accused of robbing a bank on May 27 and

This man was apprehended because a caller saw an image on the television that reportedly looked like him. It is important to remember that accounts, such as this, can be unreliable. A TV or surveillance image of an individual can be difficult to discern, especially when it comes to identifying someone from such an image in real life. Because of this, it can be possible to argue or even provide evidence that the accused was not the person identified from the television program or surveillance recording.

Those accused of theft crimes have rights that should be honored. They have the right to an attorney, who can work to prove their innocence in court. By working with an attorney, the accused can face the accusations against them head-on.

Source: CBS New York, FBI: ‘Gatsby Bandit’ Arrested