A rare event occurred while commuters were waiting at a bus stop. A 71-year-old man, who just finished his morning breakfast was hit by a truck at a New York bus stop. The auto accident has left the man in critical condition and two others have been injured.

The man had walked to the bus stop after having his routine breakfast at a restaurant in the late morning. While waiting at the bus stop, the driver of a truck crashed into a minivan and then slammed right into the bus shelter. The crash caused a business building that was in the area to shake. Most of the people waiting were able to escape harm, but the man was still sitting on the bench and was unable to escape before the collision.

According to witnesses, the impact left the man pinned to the bench. The man was discovered laying on the ground and he was not moving. Authorities have not made any arrests, however, the operator of the minivan was cited for driving while license is expired. Members of the community and parents who pick up their children from the bus stop are concerned about safety since the incident.

At last report, the man was still hospitalized in critical condition. He is likely enduring pain and suffering related to his injuries. He may be able to recover damages by filing a personal injury claim in New York to cover medical costs and other financial obligations associated with the auto accident. Depending on his work status, he may have to miss time from work to fully rehabilitate. If the driver is found to be legally responsible for the crash, the court may award compensation to the victim.

Source: CBS New York, 71-Year-Old Man Critically Injured In Dyker Heights Crash, No author, Sept. 17, 2013