Sometimes, when two people disagree or believe they were wronged in some way, emotions can become heated. Insults may be hurled, or in especially bad situations, one or both parties may commit an act of violencer. When this happens, it can lead to criminal charges, as one recent reported altercation shows.

A 40-year-old man from Congers is facing allegations of second-degree assault and attempted murder after an altercation that allegedly occurred two days before Christmas. On December 23, officers were called to a reported fight at around 11:00 in the evening.

At the scene, police officers found the Congers man and a second individual. The second individual reportedly had a number of wounds, and police found what they said was a weapon in the nearby area.

The wounded individual was hospitalized. The Congers man was transported to Orangetown Police Headquarters and was charged. The man posted $75,000 bail and will return to Rockland County Court.

It can be easy to make assumptions, but when a fight occurs, there are always two sides to a story. People can make rash decisions, but they may find themselves in a situation where they need to defend themselves.

Our criminal justice system is founded on the principle that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Everyone deserves a defense. A criminal defense attorney can help those who are accused to understand the legal strategies and procedures that can help them to avoid or minimize the damage a criminal conviction can do to a person’s personal and professional life.

Source: New City Patch, Congers Man Charged with Attempted Murder