When someone is accused of taking property that does not belong to them, they may be charged with theft. Many criminal theft charges stem from retail theft, which costs companies millions of dollars each year. A New York City man was charged with shoplifting after stealing baby formula from a Costco store.

According to police, store managers and staff in multiple locations reported that the man was a part of a shoplifting scheme involving a woman and that they had allegedly run the scam multiple times this year. The woman was seen on the surveillance video making a small purchase and then going to the bathroom. She hid her purchase and walked out. The man later walked in and filled his cart with baby formula but did not pay for it. However, he allegedly used a receipt to show that he paid for it.

After one of these incidents, the manager found records of the membership card used for the original purchase. The records apparently showed $7.99, rather than the $599 cost of the formula.

The man was arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of retail theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. According to the police records, the woman has yet to be charged.

Facing theft charges does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. Many people facing criminal charges will seek assistance from a criminal defense attorney and end up with a clean record. Your attorney can help analyze the facts of your case and determine the likelihood of conviction. It is your attorney’s responsibility to help put together a defense strategy to lessen your potential consequences if you are convicted or have your charges dropped altogether.

Source: WFMZ News, Police charge N.Y. man in $600 baby formula theft