Charges of theft crimes can be very serious. While some petty theft crimes may be classified as misdemeanors, others are considered felonies. New City residents may be interested in the following story about an alleged theft crime in New York state.

A New York man is being accused of identity theft, illegal possession of personal information and grand larceny months after the alleged crimes had been committed. According to the police, the accused used another man’s credit card number during the months of May to November of last year to withdraw funds. Allegedly, the accused withdrew thousands of dollars on 19 occasions collecting over $91,000 during the months the reported crime took place. Police believe it was an ongoing business altercation.

Some crimes seem to be open-and-shut cases. However, in this particular incident that is far from the truth. Criminal charges can be quite nuanced and in every criminal case the prosecution must prove the accused committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This can be very difficult to accomplish.

For example, when it comes to a search and seizure, police may not have had probable cause to detain the accused’s vehicle and seize items therein or apprehend the accused. In addition, it is possible that the accused can provide a perfectly reasonable alibi that proves they were not at the place where the alleged crime was committed.

Again, the beyond a reasonable doubt” standard must be met for the accused to be convicted. By putting forth a solid defense strategy those accused of crimes may be able to preserve their innocence and walk free.”

Source:, Rochester man arrested for grand larceny