In a combined effort between the New York Police Department and the FBI, law enforcement officials have identified and detained several individuals in relation to an alleged robbery ring. According to authorities, the men facing robbery charges targeted jewelry stores on Fifth Avenue, in Atlantic City and in Virginia.

Sources state that four men have been taken into custody and charged in relation to the string of robberies. Some of the stores that had allegedly been targeted by the group included high-end retailers such as Borgata Casino and Cartier. The robbers in these crimes smashed display cases and took merchandise quickly, and they wore the same clothing in some of the thefts. Sources state that these were bold crimes that took place in the middle of the day.

Altogether, police state that as many as 16 watches were stolen in these heists, and the total value of the stolen merchandise exceeded $700,000. Law enforcement officials used surveillance camera footage along with investigative techniques to catch two of the individuals they believe were involved in the crimes while they were holding up a Cartier store in New York City in the middle of the day in late January, and other individuals were detained in relation to the robberies as well.

While it is not clear what charges these men face as a result of the incidents, criminal charges related to theft and robbery may result in serious consequences the individuals are convicted. A criminal law attorney in New York City may provide clients confronted with these or similar crimes with professional legal representation. The help of such an attorney may lead to reduced or dropped charges. If a conviction is likely, the attorney may attempt to negotiate a plea bargain that seeks limited sentencing.

Source: CBS New York, Alleged Multi-State Jewelry Theft Ring Busted By NYPD