Hotels owners in New York must balance providing a friendly atmosphere with ensuring the safety of guests. This may be done in part by making sure that room keys are only given to registered visitors. Security should also do its part to ensure that only guests have access to the building. Taking these steps may reduce the odds of theft occurring on the premises.

Staff members should be given adequate training in key distribution and other safety measures the hotel wants to implement. Ideally, they will be allowed to intervene to protect guest safety and security when necessary. Furthermore, guests should be encouraged to take steps toward protecting their items.

For instance, they could be told not to give their keys to someone else or announce their room numbers at a loud volume. Locking room doors can also reduce the chances of a person being mugged while at a hotel. If guests are in town on business, they should be warned not to leave a phone or computer unattended anywhere in the building. The hotel can also use cameras or other measures to further deter criminal activity.

Those who are injured in a hotel or any other building may want to pursue a personal injury case against the owner of the premises. An injured victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills related to the injury. Lost wages, punitive damages and other relief may also be available. An attorney could review a case to determine if a property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous condition.