Construction workers often worry they may frustrate their employers if they file a workers’ compensation claim. Due to the pressure and intensity of their jobs, construction workers can be at higher risk of facing severe injury and are often expected to be back on the job before they’re ready. Unfortunately, some employers may not be understanding of a worker’s conditions and may mistreat them upon their return. Moreover, it’s illegal in most states for construction managers to deal with their crews this way. That’s because many construction workers have certain rights regarding their recovery.

However, some employers may not always comply with federal and state laws regarding workers’ compensation. If a construction worker is currently facing retaliation, they may want to take action.

Employer retribution can take many forms

Employers may often use termination to punish subordinates, but it’s not the only way. In some cases, retaliation could be poor performance reviews, verbal abuse, a position demotion or even a pay cut. These actions can decrease worker morale and inflict further hardship as a result.

What victims of retaliation can do

Here are a few things injured construction workers can do if they fall victim to backlash:

Workers deserve to know their rights

Injured construction workers deserve understanding and respect from their managers. When employers decide to treat them unfairly upon returning to work, this can increase the burdens injured workers and their families already face. If you or a family member fell victim to employer retaliation after receiving workers’ compensation, an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights, evaluate your claims and take your case to court.