Seeing the flash of red and blue police lights in your rearview mirror can be a scary experience. You may not even know why you are being pulled over until it happens. However, ignoring those signals and fleeing the scene will only result in negative consequences.

Recently, New York State Police were involved in a high-speed chase during the early morning hours of December 20 in Clarkstown. The driver allegedly involved was reportedly traveling at speeds of 127 miles per hour for three miles. The posted speed limit in that area was 55 miles per hour, according to police. The male driver at issue was 26-years-old and was driving a 2016 Audi. There was a female passenger in the car with him.

According to authorities, the male driver and the female passenger behaved belligerently, were hostile and appeared to be under the influence. The driver declined to take a breath test. The arrest also revealed what was alleged to be approximately five grams of marijuana.

The male driver is now facing a variety of criminal charges. This includes being charged with driving while intoxicated, unlawful possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and unlawful fleeing, among other vehicle and traffic charges. The female passenger is facing criminal charges as well.

Being charged with DWI is a serious offense. Even if a driver refuses to undergo a breath test, there can still be consequences, including the loss of one’s driver’s license for a certain period of time. It is important for individuals to educate themselves about the potential consequences that follow a breath test refusal so they can make informed choices. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney may be a good way to learn more about breath test refusals and drunk driving charges in New York.

Source: New City Patch, 127-MPH Chase Through Clarkstown Leads to Charges for Couple