Long-term repercussions surface with a DWI conviction. And you know you are in trouble from the start. Jail time and probation are a possibility, and you will be socked with a stiff fine. Do not forget the likelihood of the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, and even civil legal action if involved in an accident that caused serious injuries.

These are some of the upfront costs related to a DWI conviction. But there are lot more hidden costs to come. Beyond increased auto insurance rates, you might lose your job. Your personal and professional reputation will take a hit, too. And required enrollment in an alcohol treatment program means another financial setback.

From higher insurance rates to job loss

There are many hidden and not-so-hidden costs stemming from a DWI conviction. Here is list of some of them – a few of which may not even hit your pocketbook:

On-the-surface and under-the-surface penalties exist with a DWI conviction. You cannot afford the personal and financial setbacks that come with it.