All couples in New City have fights from time to time. While some of these arguments simply involve verbal slurs and insults hurled between the individuals, some fights become more heated. Unfortunately, sometimes physical altercations occur between two angry individuals. When this happens, one or both individuals may be charged with domestic assault.

Domestic assault can occur between a married couple or an unmarried couple in a romantic relationship, among others. There are various types of actions that could be considered domestic abuse. This includes striking an individual, biting an individual, punching an individual or pushing an individual. Basically any form of violence against a person you are in a relationship with can result in domestic assault charges.

Someone who claims they were the victim of domestic assault may seek a protection order from the court. These types of orders could include provisions that mandate the accused from contacting the accuser. The accused may also be ordered to keep a certain distance away from the person alleging violence, both at home and at the accuser’s home, school or job. The accused may even be ordered to move out of the residence he or she shares with the accuser. Obviously these types of orders can have a major impact on the accused’s life, necessitating a strong defense.

The attorneys at Braunfotel & Frendel, LLC, understand the stress and fear an individual accused of a domestic assault is facing. They work to provide a thorough defense of their clients, from beginning to end. To learn more about defending against criminal charges such as domestic assault, you can view the firm’s website.