Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and likely most residents in New York are planning their holiday activities. This may involve watching the football game, enjoying a holiday meal with family or preparing for Black Friday” shopping. Oftentimes alcohol is served at Thanksgiving functions

Being pulled over for drunk driving at any time of the year can be a harrowing experience. Taking a breath test can make anyone, sober or not, anxious. Moreover, trying to comply with field sobriety tests can be difficult, even if you haven’t had anything to drink. To make matters worse, these tests can be subjective or faulty, leading to inaccurate results and in some cases, wrongful arrests.

Those wrongfully charged with drunk driving need to know that help is available. Attorneys in New York can review the traffic stop and arrest to determine if the police violated their client’s constitutional rights. Attorneys can also examine whether the evidence against their client is faulty. Most importantly, an attorney can defend his or her client’s rights in court, if it comes to that.

The law firm of Braunfotel & Frendel, LLC, has taken on thousands of cases. Their experience and knowledge in DWI matters often benefits their clients who are facing drunk driving charges. They can help their clients achieve fair and appropriate results, including retaining their driver’s license if possible. The following website has more information on drunk driving in New York. It is important that motorists understand their rights and what options are available if they are charged with a DUI or any other traffic offense.