As this blog discussed last week, the state of New York has established a drug court program that may help individuals accused of drug crimes receive lesser sentences or have the charges against them dismissed if they meet the program’s requirements. For many in New York, drug courts may be a preferable alternative to harsh jail sentences.

However, when deciding what criminal defense strategies one should take, it is important to first understand what the charges one is facing mean. For example, some charges involve the possession of illicit substances while other charges involve the sale or manufacturing of illicit substances. Some examples of illegal drugs in New York include marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Illegally obtained prescription drugs could also be the center of drug charges in New York.

No matter what drug charges an individual faces, it is important to have a dedicated advocate by one’s side. For example, the New City law firm of Braunfotel & Frendel, LLC, has worked extensively in the state’s drug courts. They represent a wide variety of individuals, including medical professionals and law enforcement personnel who find themselves facing drug charges.

If you are a professional, even mere accusations of drug offenses can derail your career in a heartbeat. For that matter, any individual facing drug charges may be facing an uphill battle, even if they are not ultimately convicted. However, rehabilitation and reduced sentences may be available through one of the state’s drug court programs. The successful completion of this type of program could help provide an individual with a brighter future, allowing them to receive the help they need.