Drug trafficking or drug distribution often results in more serious consequences than drug possession alone. Any drug arrest, however, can lead to significant jail time, depending on the type of drugs, quantity, circumstances and criminal history of the accused. Former MLB all-star, Esteban Loaiza, was recently arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The former Yankees pitcher was arrested after packages containing a white powder, appearing to be cocaine, were found at his home. Loaiza was stopped for a minor traffic violation. The vehicle was apparently under surveillance, as authorities suspected it was used to smuggle drugs.

Officers then searched the vehicle and found a compartment used to conceal contraband. Once they obtained a warrant, officers searched the home and apparently found approximately 20 kilograms of what they believe is cocaine, worth close to $500,000. Loaiza faces charges involving possession, transportation and sale of cocaine. He is currently being held as he did not have the $200,000 bail required.

When police search automobiles, homes or even a person directly, they are required to abide by the Fourth Amendment, which protects the accused from being subjected to an unlawful search and seizure. A criminal defense attorney can evaluate one’s case and determine whether the officers on a case violated one’s Constitutional rights as they searched for drugs. If a violation is found, any evidence they found during their search may be thrown out of the case, making it much more difficult for prosecutors to establish guilt.

Source: The Herald, Ex-All Star pitcher Loaiza arrested on drug charges