A man from another state suffered a critical injury at a museum that is well-known nationwide.

The accident involved a forklift. According to reports, a construction worker was trying to transport some heavy equipment on a forklift as part of the museum’s renovation project. Perhaps because of the weight, the forklift flipped over and trapped the worker between the forklift and a hole in the floor.

It took rescuers around 45 minutes to free the trapped man. The rescuers had to use heavy duty equipment and consulted with medical professionals at a nearby hospital during the process. After freeing the man, rescuers took him to the hospital in critical condition. He had severe injuries to both his arms and his legs.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, indicated that it was opening an investigation into this construction accident.

Both federal and state standards apply to the operation of forklifts. For instance, under federal law, all operators of forklifts must have property training, and no one under 18 should operate a forklift under any circumstances.

Employers and other companies who need to use a forklift in their projects must strictly follow these standards, as these standards are designed to protect workers both on and around the forklift.

Although this recent accident happened outside of New York, it still goes to illustrate why it is so important that all precautions be taken when operating one.

Those in the New City area who do happen to get hurt in a forklift accident may have several options available to them. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available, and these benefits can help cover a victim’s medical costs and a portion of the victim’s lost wages. Additionally, if a third party violated safety regulations, other legal remedies may be available.