Being charged with a white-collar crime in New York can tarnish your reputation in your workplace and community for years to come, even if you are found not guilty.” No one deserves to be portrayed as guilty before the outcome of the case is known. However

In general, white-collar crimes are based on some sort of deception or cover-up in order to benefit financially. What are some types of white-collar crimes? White-collar crimes include extortion, fraud, identity theft and embezzlement, just to name a few. A conviction can result in fines, a prison sentence, restitution and parole. These are consequences that any person will strive to avoid, particularly if they are not guilty of the charges against them and have a reputation to uphold.

In the end, each person is innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution will waste no time in building a case against the accused. However, you too are able to have your say, and with the right legal help can develop your own case in your favor. After all, it is the prosecution that carries the burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Should they fail to do so, the accused must be found not guilty.

Our criminal defense firm has three decades of experience defending against charges of white-collar crimes. We will carefully comb through evidence and perform investigations in an effort to prove your case. We always keep your well-being in mind to provide focused and individualized attention to your personal case.

Our criminal defense website can provide you with further information regarding white-collar crimes and possible defenses against such accusations.