A 38-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man are dead following a head-on collision in New York on Sept. 29. According to police, a rider in the woman’s vehicle, 20, is in critical condition at Upstate University Hospital.

The accident occurred when the driver of a FedEx delivery truck, a resident of Liverpool, was driving on eastbound Route 3 between County Route 8 and Rathburn Road at about 4:33 p.m. when his vehicle veered into oncoming traffic and hit a Honda Civic traveling west on the roadway. Both vehicles left the road because of the impact and landed in a pond. The two-vehicle accident remains under investigation, and the reason the truck left his lane is unknown at this time.

The FedEx driver was ejected from his truck. According to reports, he died at the accident site. A New York State Trooper news release indicated that the Honda driver died at the accident scene also. Firefighters extricated the woman’s daughter from the Honda, and she was helicoptered to the hospital with significant head trauma.

While an investigation into a head-on collision may provide answers into why it occurred, as in this case, the effects of an auto accident may be devastating. Aside from the emotional turmoil of losing a family member, the cost of medical care and lost monetary support may cause financial distress. However, through a wrongful death lawsuit, a negligent driver who allegedly caused the accident may be held liable for those damages.

An attorney may assist a person pursuing such action by gathering evidence of negligence in the accident. The attorney may file a wrongful death claim against the driver and his or her employer if the driver was acting on behalf of a company when the accident occurred.

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