Earlier this month, a limo was traveling downhill on a rural highway, failed to stop at an intersection and crashed into an unoccupied car. As a result, 20 people were killed, including 17 friends traveling in the limo, the driver of the limo and two people standing by in a nearby parking lot. Investigators discovered that the evidence showed that the collision was a high-energy impact, but could not confirm speeding, as that there were no skid marks near the crash site. The driver of the limousine in question reportedly was operating the limo with an improper license.

Investigators soon discovered that the limousine involved in the accident should not have been on the road, as it failed an inspection just a month ago. The limousine company also apparently had a history of careless behavior. The company, known as Prestige Limousine, reportedly operated out of a low-budget hotel and several of its vehicles had failed numerous inspections. The owner of the company also has the same name of an informant who testified for the F.B.I. in two terrorism cases, and the owner’s son may be in charge of the company. According to authorities, the owner became an informant after being charged for taking money to illegally help New York residents get their driver’s licenses.

State police have indicated that the owner of the limo company could face criminal charges. The police have seized multiple vehicles from the company to further investigate.

The limo company and its owner may be facing serious criminal charges for their negligence and possibly illegal activities. In cases like this, it is imperative that the defendants formulate a criminal defense strategy to protect themselves from these charges.