The MTA recently suspended a 24-year-old New York bus driver after an incident in which he allegedly rammed the bus into a number of vehicles. Apparently, there were nine passengers on the bus as it traveled through Brooklyn. Now facing drunk driving charges, the driver was arraigned and released without bail. Reportedly, the incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday.

Law enforcement claims to have subjected the driver to a breath test at the scene, resulting in a blood alcohol content reading of .329 percent. The legal BAC limit in New York State is .08 percent, but it is only .04 percent for commercial drivers. Following the test, the bus driver was transported from the scene in Flatlands to Park Slope to have a second breath test administered at the 78th Precinct. Police say the second test was administered more than two hours after the first one, resulting in a reading of .257 percent.

The lower test result was referenced in the criminal charges that were filed against the bus driver. Officers further alleged they seized two bottles of alcohol from the bus, one of which was open. He is now facing several charges that involve reckless driving, driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol and leaving the accident scene. Further reports indicated that none of the passengers on the bus nor the driver suffered any injuries.

Being convicted of drunk driving charges at such a young age could have disastrous consequences. The services of an experienced New York criminal defense attorney from the onset of the case could make a significant difference in the outcome of the criminal accusations. A lawyer can protect the legal rights of the accused and fight to achieve the best possible result.