The choices people make can sometimes have unintended consequences. For some, those consequences could include criminal charges if authorities believe that the individuals consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Though drunk driving charges are relatively common, that fact does not make them any less serious to address.

One woman in New York will certainly want to address her situation as effectively as possible after recently being charged with drunk driving. According to reports, the 29-year-old woman is a bus driver and had stopped at a fast food restaurant with six students on her bus one morning. A student took a short video of what appeared to be the bus driver walking back to the bus from a McDonald’s restaurant while the students followed.

It was unclear how authorities were alerted to the situation, but nonetheless, officers later located the woman after the children had been dropped off at school. She was purportedly passed out inside the parked school bus. The report also noted that her blood-alcohol concentration level was over the legal limit, but an exact percentage was not given in the report. It is expected that several charges will stem from the incident.

Now, this New York woman will have a complex ordeal to handle as she contends with the drunk driving charges and other allegations that may come against her. Understanding the serious nature of the predicament may better allow her to find a defense option that works best for her case. Creating and presenting a meaningful defense presentation could help her work toward the most favorable outcome possible.