Residents of New City may have heard of various types of drug offenses, and in particular, ‘drug trafficking.’ However, it is important to understand what this crime entails, as it is much more serious than mere drug possession.

Drug trafficking is the illegal selling, transporting or importing of illegal drugs. It is a felony crime. For example, if the police find that an individual has drugs in his or her possession, and they have a reason to believe that the individual was going to sell the drugs, the individual may be charged with drug trafficking. If the police find great quantities of drugs and money on an individual, that individual could also be accused of drug trafficking.

While penalties vary based on state law, the type of substances found, the amount of drugs found and where the drugs were allegedly distributed, in general, a conviction for drug trafficking could lead to anything from three years to life in prison. In some cases, individuals accused of drug trafficking could face longer prison sentences than those who are accused of violent crimes.

Drug trafficking involves controlled substances.” This includes illegal drugs such as methamphetamines

In the end, those facing drug trafficking charges need to take such accusations very seriously. Prosecutors will make every effort to obtain a conviction in a criminal case, so it is important to consider having a defense attorney by one’s side who can represent one’s interests in court and counter any arguments proffered by the prosecution with legal argument and defenses in the defendant’s favor.

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