Following a traffic stop on a recent Friday, two men will likely be considering their defense options. The New York State Police filed drug charges against them and locked them up in the Orange County Jail. The two men were in a pickup truck when they were pulled over by law enforcement on Route 208.

According to a police report, troopers claim they detected a strong marijuana odor when they approached the vehicle. This led to them searching the pickup truck. They say there was a wooden crate in the back of the truck, and when that was opened, they allegedly discovered 204 pounds of marijuana.

Troopers further claim the load consisted of individual packages of marijuana of a high grade, with an estimated street value exceeding $1 million. The rental pickup truck was occupied by a 69-year-old driver along with a 35-year-old male passenger. Both men are now facing felony charges of first-degree criminal possession of marijuana, and convictions could mean 15 years in prison. They were arraigned and then locked up on bail of $50,000 or bond of $100,000.

Anyone who is facing drug charges after being arrested in traffic stops in New York might be best advised to seek legal counsel immediately. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney present from the point of the first questioning can ensure the accused individual’s legal rights are protected. A lawyer can examine the charges and the evidence – along with the legality of the search and seizure process – before devising a defense strategy that aims for the best possible outcome.