Five men were recently arrested after a drug bust at a Bronx apartment. Reportedly, a Drug Enforcement Administration-New York Police Department task force had a 46-year-old suspect under surveillance when they noticed he came out of an apartment building, carrying a shopping bag after entering empty-handed. They followed his vehicle, pulled it over and found him in possession of 1 kilo of suspected heroin. He is one of the New York men who is now facing drug charges.

Reportedly, law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the apartment at which they saw the man earlier. Authorities say investigators seized more heroin of which 11 kilos were found in a closet in a bedroom, and 10 kilos were discovered in a hiding place in a wall behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. They claim the search also yielded more drugs and equipment that was allegedly linked to drug activities. These included scales, strainers, coffee grinders, tape and tape dispenser, glassine envelopes and stamps for the purpose of branding the packaged products.

According to the task force, the bust uncovered fentanyl and heroin to the approximate value of $7.5 million. They allege the packaged drugs were stamped with brand names that included ‘Kill,’ ‘Death’ and ‘Heartless.’ These were some of the approximately 100 stamps allegedly found in the apartment. Reportedly, the other four suspects that were arrested – ages 26, 28, 29 and 37 – were present during the execution of the search warrant.

Facing drug charges is always serious, and when law enforcement claims the discovery of large quantities of illegal substances, a strong defense is essential. The first thing to do upon an arrest – or even sooner – is to secure the services of an experienced New York criminal defense attorney. A smart lawyer can devise a defense strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome.