Being pulled over in a traffic stop with illegal substances in the car can lead to criminal charges with potentially severe consequences. When motorists in New York face being arrested on drug charges, the best step might be to call a criminal defense attorney to explain their rights, and also to make sure those rights are not violated. It is important to remember that anything a suspect says or does at that time could adversely affect his or her case.

A New York resident and two people from a neighboring state were recently arrested after they were stopped for a traffic violation on Interstate 87. Reportedly, law enforcement pulled the driver over at approximately 8:45 p.m. on a recent Thursday. While an officer interviewed the driver, it was determined that there was probable cause for searching the driver and the two passengers.

Reportedly, the searches yielded 8 grams of marijuana, 11.6 grams of heroin and 13 grams of cocaine. Furthermore, officers found paraphernalia that included wax envelopes, hypodermic needles, a glass pipe for smoking and a spoon. All three individuals, ages 48, 31 and 30, are now facing several criminal charges, and it was determined that the 30-year-old passenger has a criminal history that involved alleged violent crimes and larceny.

Anyone facing drug charges in New York must keep in mind that they remain innocent in the eyes of the law until, and only if, the prosecution can prove guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. By securing legal counsel as soon as possible after the arrest, the entire incident can be examined, and the procedures followed by law enforcement can be scrutinized for signs of violations of standard procedures. Irregularities can be addressed in the court while the attorney works on achieving the best possible outcome.