Whenever a person is arrested for possession of controlled substances in New York, there will be questions about whether law enforcement had adequately obtained search warrants. This question will likely also be asked after the recent arrest of a 30-year-old Queens man. He is now facing various drug charges, and it is expected that more charges related to parole violation might follow.

A police report indicates that officers awaited the arrival of the suspect whom they believed to have been on a bus that traveled from New York City to Binghamton on a recent Tuesday. As the man exited the bus, police officials arrested him. They allegedly found 217 bags of heroin in his possession, along with more than seven grams of crack cocaine. Police did not indicate how they knew of the man’s presence on the bus or his imminent arrival at the bus station.

Furthermore, no information is available about the procedures used to identify the alleged controlled substances, which might have had the appearance of illegal drugs, but could have been other products. The charges include third-degree possession with the intent to sell, third-degree criminal sale and fourth-degree possession of controlled substances. Police further reported that the man was on parole when he was arrested.

The man was arraigned on the day following his arrest, and he is now awaiting further proceedings in the Broome County jail. No one in New York needs to fight this type of legal battle alone. Help is available from experienced criminal defense attorneys who have handled many cases that involve drug charges. A lawyer can examine the evidence and the procedures law enforcement followed during the search and the arrest in an attempt at finding errors in the prosecutor’s case that might lead to reduced or dropped charges.