Readers from the New York area may have some understandable concerns about driving in the fall. While fall can indeed be a beautiful time of year, there are also a number of potential hazards associated with the season that are worth knowing more about. Recognizing some of these challenges in advance is an important part of ensuring one’s safety on the roads.

Weather conditions can be highly irregular in the fall, and rapidly changing temperatures can have a negative impact on tire pressure levels. For this reason, it’s important to routinely monitor one’s tires to avoid incurring unnecessary damage. In addition, frost may create slippery conditions that necessitate more cautious driving than usual. Being more careful when slowing for traffic lights and perhaps even leaving home a little earlier can be very beneficial in this time of year to help avoid car accidents.

This season is known for relatively strong rains and foggy mornings that can greatly increase the difficulty of driving. Although some drivers are tempted to use their high beams to attempt to see through the fog, it actually may be preferable to stick with low beams to avoid bouncing a potentially unsafe glare off of the surrounding mist. Moreover, fall leaves mixed with rain can make streets especially slick and are something to watch out for.

Someone who is involved in an auto accident in the fall may benefit from contacting an attorney about his or her situation. Accident injuries can cause immense pain and suffering and leave plaintiffs on the hook for medical bills far beyond their ability to cover. Depending on the nature of the crash, an attorney might be able to expedite the claim process and help to procure any compensation to which the victim is entitled.