Some New Yorkers may have heard of Stanislaw Burzynski, a controversial cancer doctor who has been lauded by celebrities for his unusual treatments. Dr. Burzynski is now being targeted for medical malfeasance by the Texas Medical Board and facing the potential loss of his medical license.

In the 1970s, Dr. Burzynski started treating cancer patients using antineoplastons, substances extracted from the body. While there has been no evidence showing that antineoplastons are effective, he has continued prescribing them. Many patients have flocked to Dr. Burzynski over the years because they don’t want to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Dr. Burzynski has also prescribed chemotherapy drugs in combination with other cancer drugs in doses that are not standard and with medications with which the drugs could have adverse interactions. Some former patients have described ineffective treatments, not being informed they were even taking chemotherapy drugs and spending thousands of dollars on unneeded treatments. The Texas Medical Board is also arguing that Dr. Burzynski overcharged patients for the services he provided. He has been conducting ongoing clinical trials that reportedly don’t follow standard protocols for years regarding antineoplastons.

There are several things Dr. Burzynski has reportedly done that could be called medical malpractice. Failing to inform his patients about the medications they are prescribed, making medical errors with drugs that could interact, giving inappropriate doses and improperly treating cancer are all different types of medical negligence. A medical malpractice attorney who was representing a patient injured by such actions may assert all of the different types of negligent acts that led to the client’s injuries.