Summertime in New City is a time to relax and enjoy the many activities that only come in the summer months. New City residents may be heading to the beach, going to ball games, going camping, taking a road trip or simply enjoying their summer in their own back yards. In many of these settings, alcohol is served, and most people either take care not to drink too much or they ride with a designated driver. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that overzealous police officers won’t be on the lookout for those they believe are drunk driving.

Being pulled over by the police can be nerve-wracking. The police may ask you to perform difficult field sobriety tests that even a sober person may fail. They may also use a breath test machine that was improperly calibrated or improperly administered, leading to a faulty reading. In either of these cases, a person could be accused of drunk driving, even if his or her blood alcohol concentration was below the legal limit in New York of 0.08.

Being charged with drunk driving is a serious matter. A person could face fines, lose his or her driver’s license or even be sent to jail. Moreover, a drunk driving conviction could result in a criminal record, which could potentially follow a person around for the rest of his or her life, making it difficult to find housing, find a job or go to school.

No one should be falsely charged or convicted of drunk driving. That is why it is important to consider securing legal advice if you are facing such charges. The law firm of Braunfotel & Frendel, LLC have helped many of their clients keep their driver’s license. They can examine the nature of your traffic stop, to determine whether it was legal or whether your Constitutional rights were violated. Moreover, they have experience challenging the results of field sobriety tests or breath tests, if the results are inaccurate. Their webpage on drunk driving in New York may be a good source of information for those in New City accused of such crimes.