You may be known as a do-it-yourself” kind of person. But

Here are two reasons you may want you to think twice before settling a claim on your own.

Attorneys are proficient in the law

Workers’ compensation statutes aren’t exactly nighttime reading. It can be difficult to comprehend what an injured worker’s rights are and what you may be entitled to. Do you have to consent to a release of your medical records? What is an independent medical examination? What does subrogation mean? A workers’ compensation attorney will be able to answer these questions and provide you with further clarification as needed.

Attorneys are trained negotiators

When it comes down to settling your case, it is highly unlikely that an adjuster will hand over the maximum compensation right off-the-bat. Instead, they will try to settle the claim for as little as possible to avoid incurring significant losses. Unless you are well-versed in workers’ compensation claims – or even if you are – valuating a claim is no easy task. An attorney can assess your case and negotiate for the highest compensation possible for your losses.

If you are still unsure about bringing in a legal professional, scheduling an appointment to discuss your case with a New York attorney may still be a good idea. You shouldn’t feel obligated to hire an attorney just because you meet with them, and getting a second opinion likely isn’t going to hurt.