St. Patrick’s Day looked a little different this year in New York, with festivities canceled due to the current health situation affecting the country. Despite the changes to available activities, police increased patrols looking for drunk drivers and those committing other traffic violations. Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges as a result of this most recent DUI enforcement campaign has the right to fight the charges with the assistance of legal counsel.

On Sunday, March 15, it was reported that police patrols would pick up until March 18. This was to occur in all areas of the state. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee requested and funded this campaign, based on the number of impaired driving arrests police made in 2019. According to reports, 259 people were arrested for drunk driving around St. Patrick’s Day last year.

Authorities take impaired driving seriously because of the impact it has on the general public. On average, 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving-related auto accidents annually. That is one life lost to this problem every 53 minutes. Penalties associated with impaired driving are severe, and that is supposed to serve as a deterrent for this kind of behavior and, ultimately, save lives.

The criminal and administrative consequences associated with drunk driving charges in the state of New York include jail time, fines up to $10,000 and the loss of driving privileges. The personal effects include higher insurance rates and lost time away from work and family, among other things. With so much at stake, fighting DUI charges is undoubtedly worth it. Various defense strategies exist that may prove beneficial to one’s case. Legal counsel will have the ability to review the details of one’s situation and help one take the steps necessary to seek a case dismissal or, at least, a reduction in charges.