At least eight individuals have been charged for the claimed cyber theft” of at $15 million. It is claimed that some of this activity occurred in New York

It is alleged that through unauthorized access to computers the individuals charged were able to divert customer funds to their own bank accounts. It was also charged that these individuals would involve others to make ATM withdrawals and fraudulent purchases.

There have been a number of similar types of conspiracies supposedly being committed by individuals around the globe. It has also been described as the moving of money “without using traditional banking.”

Any individual convicted of taking part in such a scheme could be facing years of imprisonment. These same people may also be asked to pay restitution for money that they may or may not ever have attempted to take. Because the consequences are so severe (especially when dealing with supposed violations of federal law), anyone charged in such a scheme will badly need the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Even if the charges are shown to be correct, there could be a number of individuals that only played a small role or no role at all that may face the same sorts of sentences as the alleged ringleaders. This frequently occurs whenever such schemes are purported to have occurred. Individuals agree to testify against others in return for reduced sentences, and sometimes co-defendants charge others with crimes that they themselves could have committed.

Source: The Raw Story, U.S. charges eight hackers over alleged cyber theft of at least $15 million