As many people in New City already know, individuals accused of a crime have the right to an attorney, and if the individual cannot afford an attorney, an attorney will be provided to the individual at no cost. This right starts from the arrest and goes throughout the trial process, and into an appeal, if necessary. This very important right can be found in the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Having the representation of an attorney is of vital importance throughout the criminal trial process. An attorney can provide his or her client with information regarding the client’s legal rights, as well as explain how the client’s case will proceed. An attorney is tasked with making sure that his or her client’s constitutional rights are not infringed upon either by the police or in court proceedings. Moreover, an attorney can enter into plea bargain negotiations with the prosecution and can represent his or her client’s interests in the process.

An attorney can also investigate the facts of his or her client’s case and gather and present evidence on his or her client’s behalf. He or she can also cross-examine witnesses proffered by the prosecution and raise objections against improper evidence and improper questions, and ultimately can present any and all defenses in favor of his or her client during the trial process.

As you can see, having an attorney’s representation can be a crucial component of ensuring that the accused has a fair trial. It is a constitutional right afforded to every citizen of our nation. No defendant should have to face a courtroom alone. With their knowledge of the law, criminal defense attorneys can be zealous advocate for their client’s cases.

Source: FindLaw, The Right to Counsel