Scaffolding structures pose different safety hazards. This fact was recently underscored at a New York work site in Upper Manhattan. Not only are the workers on a scaffold at risk of falling but also those working at lower levels who might be struck by falling objects from above. Construction workers’ accidents involving scaffolds have claimed many lives over the years.

Reportedly, employees of a construction and renovation company were working on the exterior of a building that served as the residence of students from various universities. While dismantling the scaffold structure from the top earlier this month, two workers dropped one of the beams. Another worker who was working at a lower level was struck against the head.

The 28-year-old construction worker was transported to a medical facility. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The NYC Department of Buildings launched an investigation into this fatality.

Families who have to deal with the trauma of losing loved ones in construction workers’ accidents typically have to cope with the financial consequences at the same time. Fortunately, help is available to deal with the New York workers’ compensation insurance system. Surviving family members are typically entitled to death benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist with the complex administrative and legal proceedings of the claims process. Survivor’s benefits typically cover the costs of end-of-life arrangements along with a financial package to assist for a predetermined period of time with day-to-day living expenses and monthly obligations such as rental or mortgage payments.