Those who work in construction in New York typically have to face a host of safety hazards regardless of whether a project involves a residence or a skyscraper. Although safety authorities expect employers to protect the health and safety of workers, the range of risks is so vast that safety violations seem to be par for the course. Unfortunately, the slightest errors can cause construction workers’ accidents with catastrophic consequences.

The Department of Buildings and the FDNY are investigating an incident that occurred in 3 World Trade Center on a recent Thursday. Work inside the skyscraper that has only been open since June involved a plywood and sheetrock wall being dismantled. An accident of which details were not reported occurred, and first responders received a call shortly before 2:30 p.m.

Reportedly, only one worker was injured, and paramedics transported him to an area hospital. A spokesperson for the company that manages the building said the worker suffered injuries to his leg. Although the severity of his injuries was not revealed, authorities said they were not life-threatening.

Victims of construction workers’ accidents might be unable to return to work for extended periods, and along with mounting medical bills, the lack of income can be stressful. However, relief is available through the New York workers’ compensation insurance system. Injured workers can even utilize the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist with the complicated claims process. While wage-replacement packages cover lost wages during temporary disability, additional benefits might be awarded for workers whose injuries cause permanent disabilities, and vocational rehabilitation might form part of it.