A New York father with two children in college is facing at least four months of recovery before he can return to work. In the meantime, his lost wages and the mounting medical bills are causing concern. Construction workers’ accidents often leave injured victims facing financial hardship. This man was struck by a hit-and-run driver while working in a construction zone on Staten Island.

Reportedly, the incident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon while the worker was directing trucks at the entrance to a construction yard. Authorities say a trailer that was attached to a pickup truck struck the worker from behind, causing him to fall over, and the truck then went over his leg. The construction worker says he suffered multiple abrasions and three fractures in his leg, which is now held together by rods.

Reportedly, co-workers attempted to get the driver to stop by screaming at him, to no avail. One co-worker even followed the hit-and-run driver in his own vehicle but lost sight of him. The New York Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information reported that the search for the driver continues.

Once the driver is located, this injured worker will be entitled to file a third-party claim in a civil court. In the meantime, as with any construction workers’ accidents, this man can rely on the New York workers’ compensation insurance program to provide financial relief. He could even utilize the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist with the navigation of the benefits claims that will cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages.