Building sites in New York pose hazards to more than the employees involved in the construction activities. Now and then, construction workers’ accidents also involve other individuals in the vicinity. One such an accident recently claimed the life of a security guard.

Reportedly, a stop work order was issued after a fatal incident on the building site of a planned 1,550-foot tall skyscraper in Manhattan. Reportedly, the New York Department of Buildings also issued a violation for the fact that the construction company failed to ensure the safety of workers on the work site. The fatal incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday.

A police report indicates that a massive glass panel, measuring eight by 14 feet, toppled over when workers attempted to move it. The glass fell onto a 67-year-old security guard who did not survive the incident. A 27-year-old employee of the construction company was also injured in this incident. However, the injuries were not life-threatening, and the worker was hospitalized for treatment.

It is not known whether the deceased security guard was an employee of the construction company or another firm. His surviving family members can consult with an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney who can explain their rights to compensation. They could be eligible for death benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance provider, but they might also have grounds to file a civil wrongful death claim against the construction company. When it comes to the injured worker, as in all construction workers’ accidents, he or she will be entitled to benefits that will cover medical expenses and lost wages