A crane accident that injured two NYC construction workers has two construction supervisors facing criminal charges. The Manhattan District Attorney has charged Timothy Bracco and Terrence Edwards with two counts of felony assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.

The crane operator was untrained

The accident occurred on June 25 at a luxury residential building in Harlem. Subcontracting company Western Waterproofing Co. was hired to install a facade on the 11-story building. Senior branch manager Bracco rented a mini crane to be delivered to the construction site. Site supervisor Edwards ordered an employee, who was not trained on the equipment, to operate the crane.

The crane was overloaded

The crane had a load capacity of 880 pounds, but the untrained worker loaded the crane with a glass panel weighing 1,500 pounds. The crane, which was located on the fourth story, was also not properly tethered.

The panel fell and hit two workers

After loading the panel, the crane lurched forward and fell. It struck two workers on its way down. The crane hit ironworker Jorge Delgado in the back. It also struck employee Christopher Jackson, and he fell three stories to the ground.

Jackson suffered head trauma, and it has impaired his ability to talk and walk. Delgado has severe spinal cord injuries, and he has difficulty with his mobility.

The DOB requires permits for mini cranes

The Department of Buildings (DOB) has guidelines for the use of mini cranes in New York City. Anyone who rents a mini crane must apply for a permit and submit a detailed engineering plan. They are also required to provide proof of operator and a rigging crew certification. Western Waterproofing Co. did not submit any of these plans or permits.

Injured workers are entitled to benefits

Injured construction workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The benefits cover hospital bills and other medical expenses, like rehabilitation and long-term care. While you are injured, workers’ compensation benefits also pay part of your salary.

Some employers may try to underpay on workers’ compensation. If your benefits are cut off too soon, you do have legal recourse to pursue the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.