Investigators in New York are in the process of looking into an accident that left three construction workers injured and one dead. This event occurred in Manhattan on July 16. It is just another reminder of how quickly a construction accident can happen and how dangerous this line of work is.

According to reports, the workers were in the middle of a building facade repair when a portion of the parapet collapsed and fell. Some of the debris struck a rig holding two workers near the 11th floor. The rig then fell and hit the scaffolding below. Both construction employees in the rig as well as two on the ground suffered injuries in the event. One of them died at the scene, and the other three were transported to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

City building inspectors have been investigating this incident since its occurrence. Sadly, is it the third accident like this in the past eight months. As construction injuries due to building facade repair is a common thing, new rules regarding facade inspections have been put in place and fines for violations have increased. It is unclear if an inspection violation is a contributing factor in this case.

Following a construction accident in New York, injured workers or, in the event of fatality, their surviving family members may file workers’ compensation claims in an effort to seek relief for their losses. Third-party legal claims may also be filed against those believed responsible for the event. With the assistance of legal counsel, maximum compensation may be achieved through negotiations, appeals or, if necessary, litigation.