This holiday season, whether it is the office holiday party, a family get-together or a New Year’s eve celebration, people across New City, New York, will celebrate with alcohol. Most people handle these situations responsibly, and will not get behind the wheel of a car when drunk. Unfortunately, even those who drink responsibly can still be wrongfully accused of drunk driving.

Whether or not you have had a single drink at a party, you could still be accused of drunk driving. Unfortunately, sometimes these accusations can be unfounded. Subjective field sobriety tests or the improper administration of a breath test could cause an individual to be charged with drunk driving even if his or her blood alcohol content level was not above the legal limit. These situations are understandably frightening. After all, one could face fines and the loss of his or her license if convicted of drunk driving.

When this happens, individuals in New City may want to consider seeking legal help. The professionals at Braunfotel & Frendel LLC understand the range of emotions people feel when they are facing accusations of drunk driving. They have sought to ensure that clients’ licenses to drive are not suspended. They have experience evaluating the results of breath tests and field sobriety tests in order to challenge the accusations their clients faced. They are also able to advise their clients on drunk driving laws in New York.

Don’t let wrongful accusations of drunk driving ruin your holidays. The information contained in this link about drunk driving in New York may be helpful for those who need to seek help regarding drunk driving charges.