While on vacation out-of-state, you celebrated with alcohol a bit too much. You get arrested for and charged with drunk driving. A night in jail provides the chance to sober up, and you ponder your fate. A few days later, you travel home with family. After several weeks of legal proceedings, a drunk driving conviction is on your record.

If you think your driving troubles ended upon your return from out of state, you better think again. In New York, as in other states, you face related consequences stemming from a drunk driving conviction that occurred elsewhere.

Expect license revocation

A drunk driving conviction from no matter what state will haunt you for some time. The state of New York will find out about your offense, so do not expect that it goes away once you have crossed that state line.

Here is what will happen to you in New York after a drunk driving conviction outside the state:

Could you have avoided a drunk driving conviction in another state? It is a little late to ponder that. However, such a situation exemplifies the need to get experienced legal guidance.