After drinking during a holiday party, you attempt to drive home under the influence of alcohol. An officer witnesses you make an illegal traffic turn, and the officer subsequently discovers you operated your vehicle while drunk. Although you have not committed a DUI offense previously in New York, you worry that your penalties will affect your life greatly.

Depending on the circumstances and risks associated with your DUI offense, you may have the ability to apply for a conditional license. Conditional licenses give those convicted of alcohol or drugged driving offenses the opportunity to drive under certain restrictions given by the court. As DUI punishments may prove harsh, you may require the expertise of a criminal defense attorney who has the experience helping individuals obtain conditional licenses. New York judges understand that license suspensions could bring undue hardships on some drivers, so you may have the ability to apply for a conditional license with accurate attorney representation.

Obtaining a conditional license

According to New York law, to obtain a conditional license, you must follow specific requirements. You must enroll in the Impaired Driver Program (IDP) and complete all necessary treatment and assessments. It is essential that you complete all tasks timely, or you will not have the ability to retrieve a conditional license.

A conditional license gives you the opportunity to drive only to and from:

Upon receiving the license, you also may only drive during specific hours. For example, a judge may give you the ability to drive only during the daylight hours.

Those that have committed only first-time DUI offenses may have a better opportunity to apply for a conditional license in New York. All drivers facing DUI penalties, however, should consult a knowledgeable attorney. He or she can offer you the most accurate advice based on your individual DUI offense, as well as develop a strong case for your conditional license.