New Yorkers might have heard about the deadly pedestrian bridge collapse that happened in Florida on March 15. The bridge, which had just been installed on March 10, suddenly collapsed, crushing at least eight cars and killing at least six people. Authorities believe that more people might be buried in the rubble.

According to news sources, the two construction companies that were involved in building the bridge have both been fined repeatedly by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety violations. The companies are Munilla Construction Management, which is based in Miami, Florida, and FIGG Bridge Group, which is based in Tallahassee, Florida.

Since 2013, MCM has reportedly been fined more than $50,000 for 11 violations of safety regulations. MCM has also reportedly been the target of several negligence lawsuits. In 2012, the FIGG Bridge Group was fined $28,000 after a 90-ton section of a bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia collapsed and fell onto some railroad tracks underneath. In that bridge collapse, four workers were injured. While the histories of these two firms are alarming, it is currently unknown what led to the bridge collapse in Florida.

OSHA is tasked with enforcing workplace safety regulations in workplaces across the nation. These rules are meant to help to keep workers and people who visit workplaces safe. When companies violate these rules, workers and others may suffer serious workplace injuries or fatalities. When workers are injured on the job, they may file benefits claims with their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance carriers. If visitors to the workplaces are injured, the visitors may be able to file personal injury cases against the businesses’ operators or owners. People who are injured while they are at work or while they are visiting a business might want to talk to a lawyer who is experienced in handling workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.