College- and high school-aged students sometimes want to grow up too quickly, enjoying some of the privileges that come with adulthood. One of those privileges is drinking alcohol. But after having had a few drinks at a party and getting behind the wheel of your dad’s car, are you prepared to face the consequences of a drunk driving charge?

An arrest can sneak up on you. The flashing cherry red lights from a law enforcement vehicle may not be quite enough to sober you up. But the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest likely will. You must face your parents, a judge and the reality that your life has changed, and not for the better.

Zero tolerance for those under 21

What you thought was a routine drive turned into conundrum that steers you through the winding roads of the legal system and a not-so-swift court date. Here are some the basic explanations regarding drunk driving in the Empire State:

Besides jail time and fines, you also must have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. Community service, too, is a possibility. Please avoid getting in such a predicament and rely on a designated driver if you drink.